April 4, 2017

What is 5G Network?


Yes people the time is drawing near when the future is within our grasp and our internet speed can match with the speed of light as the advent of 5G network is coming close. After the public announcement made by Samsung in their launch of S4 in Barcelona a hype was created in the minds of the Samsung consumers and tech savvies all around the world that what would 5G connectivity be like? Samsung promised to launch this network in 2020 and made its announcement in 2014. The large time frame gap made 5G sound like a myth or a hoax by the company to promote their cell phones.

Qualcomm has recently taken the responsibility to develop 5G network. Qualcomm claims that 5G would be a game changer and unprecedented, it can download 4K movies and transfer big data in seconds.

Qualcomm has launched 5G network support devices that can handle the strong bandwidth and high speed of the connection. No doubt 5G is the future of mobile internet. Qualcomm is not the only one in the race to introduce 5G network to its consumers but Samsung and KT have also invested in the high speed mobile industry to make their name among their consumers.

What is 5G?



5G simply means the fifth generation of mobile internet speed that is the newest and next mobile wireless technology which is built on IEEE 802.11ac, even though a formal benchmark is yet to be set. 5G network is a user eccentric, lightning fast and is a true successor to 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution).

5G network will be altogether speedier than 4G, taking into consideration higher profitability over every smart device with a claimed download speed of 10,000 Mbps. In addition, with more noteworthy data transfer capacity comes faster download speeds and the capacity to better web applications.

As claimed by Hubert Da Costa, Vice President, EMEA at Cradle point, 5G network technology is considered to be close to three times faster than 4G, beginning with 450Mbps in single-stream, 900 Mbps (double stream) and 1.3G bps (three-stream). Along these lines, while we are as of now observing a remarkable development in IoT and smart devices 5G’s speed and limit will empower a considerably faster arrival of this connected future.

The Future for 5G network.

Although 5G network is under development it seems very promising. The time period required to launch this successor to 4G LTE seems fitting, as the world has yet to be populated with 4K movies to download on cell phones. By the time it is launched, cell phone companies would have developed longer battery life that can support such strong wireless internet connectivity. 5G network’s speed is also said to be 3 times faster than that of 4G LTE which is twice as fast as 4G.

Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung and BT are the major contributors towards the development of 5G network.

Nokia and Ericcson both have launched 5G platforms for cell phone carriers and not for consumers. Ericcson launched the first 5G network platform.

With so many big names working in the development of 5G network it is sure to meet its consumers on the promised time. As for the future of this service ? it seems pretty secure as the need for faster and better internet keeps increasing and data files are becoming larger and larger.

The question that arises is with the advent of such a fast paced internet, what new sort of advancement can we expect from the world of downloads that would require such massive speed?